Sketch for new painting-Cypress Trees


New sketch, excited to see where this painting goes. Why the red X?  Because after sketching I  decided to take out the Mercedes SUV.  Nothing against that car, it’s just crowding the bottom of the picture and doesn’t “let you into the painting.”  OR, maybe I’ll paint this picture with the front car and put a big red X through it as some kind of social statement.

This is another image from my trip to San Francisco.  Monterey Cypress trees with their branches that stretch out to the sides, reaching through the fog for all the sunlight they can grab, are among my top 3 favorite trees.  Redwoods are another favorite.  Closely followed by craggy oak trees.  All three grow within a 30 mile radius of where I grew up.

Some days are really busy for me, but I try to make some progress each day on my art.  Yesterday I only had time to do this sketch.



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