I’ve started carting around a small drawing pad everywhere I go so that I can draw and doodle and plan new paintings during the many waiting times in my life.  I wait while my kids are at piano, while they are auditioning for this or that, while I’m picking them up, for the doctor, the dentist, the orthodontist, for so and so to show, you name it.  I do a lot of waiting.  Today I pulled it out at church and doodled away this next painting idea.  I painted one lime in watercolors yesterday with my daughters little set of watercolor “pans” that I bought her.  I liked it and thought I’d do an oil painting with lots of limes.  With the canvas all full of limes.  Just green, white, and blue.


14 thoughts on “Draw!

  1. I drew our Pastor one Sunday during his Sermon. 😄 I think it’s great you are sketching while waiting for your kids instead of wasting time. I like your color idea for your lime sketch – look forward to your painting!! 🎨👍


  2. Keeping a sketchbook handy is a great way to deal with “waiting” time. I hope you’ll share your “lime” painting when it’s completed. The colors sound perfect.


  3. A great idea. Little notebooks can provide tremendous freedom to try new things. They are to drawing what notes are to a lecture. Nobody expects notes taken during a lecture to be verbatim, or to make perfect sense. Notes are mental prompts, they remind. Sometimes a single word can be an excellent prompt and sometimes a scribble can begin a visual idea.


  4. I have recently started doing this also. It’s a great way to pass the time and get some drawing practise in. I was a little too enthusiastic though and grabbed a sketch book that is rather too heavy for my purse, so I shall return to the art supply store (any excuse will do, right?) for something more portable. If I grab more goodies while there, so be it! 🙂

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