Spring Break-Day 4

FullSizeRender-68Any guesses where we went next?  I have a few more Spring Break day trips to paint and blog about.  After hanging around Ukiah for a couple of days we decided to take a day trip to San Francisco.  SF is 100 miles south of Ukiah straight down 101.  Growing up I made that trip many times with family and friends to do this and that. I also lived in Alameda and could see SF from across the bay.  One of my favorite memories, from when I was little, is of going to the city to see  a traveling Broadway production of “Annie.” SF was such a different world from small town Northern California and the bridge, the sights, the people, colorful houses, shops, theatre, and especially the live music and the children singing it seemed like magic.  That must have been a big deal to drag 4 little girls to the theatre in San Francisco.  Thanks mom for taking me!  I have loved Broadway musicals ever since.

On the way in to San Francisco we crossed the Golden Gate bridge.  While driving across I was trying to take pictures but the clouds were blocking the sun and the bridge was pretty dark.  When the sun hits the bridge it glows orange.  I looked behind me and noticed that  the tower behind us was lit up so I crawled to the back of the car and took a picture out our back window.  This painting is of us driving south across the bridge into SF but looking back towards Marin.  You can see a little green of the Marin headlands, and that one tower that was sunlit.

This painting was really just going to be about the bridge, but as I was painting I noticed that it turned into a painting about the bridge tower and that white van.  I’m happy with this one.  I’d never painted cars before.  Painting my way through spring break has pushed me outside what I normally do, which is both exciting and scary.

9X12″ oil on canvas

Look at the difference in color between these two photographs.  The first one is the finished piece.  The actual painting color is somewhere in between the two photos.

And again, here are the spring break paintings:



23 thoughts on “Spring Break-Day 4

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comment—I enjoyed skimming your blog and seeing your variety of subject matter. I too love painting many different things! Hoping to work on several oil paintings today after a day out at a tulip field yesterday doing pastel. You’re an inspiration!


    1. Yes! I would be happy to sell it to you Rhonda! I think I’m going to do a big one of the bridge. I’m also doing the classic bridge shot. And today I’m doing a painting of the SF cypress trees. AND, I’m not done yet, we also went to Mendocino! XOXO


  2. I like your paintings. I lived in Alameda for a few years and miss the view of the city across the water sometimes. Do you use photo editing software? I use Lightroom and it makes it super easy to change the white balance of your photos to accurately reflect your painting.


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