Sunday Afternoon Fun

The Art Factory is in full swing.  I think my kids produce as much stuff as I do and soon we will be pushed out of our house by everyone’s masterpieces.  I bought this gal a little watercolor travel set for her birthday.  Normally she paints with acrylics along with her brothers but I thought she’d like toContinue reading “Sunday Afternoon Fun”

Oh Watercolors, where have you been all my life?

Happy Birthday!  I celebrated the April & May birthdays with my running group and got a stack of cards from everyone. My birthday is on Mother’s Day this year.  I’ve requested a box of chocolate from my family. I think there are close to 20 women in our running group and they/we celebrate every  possible occasion.  LotsContinue reading “Oh Watercolors, where have you been all my life?”

Watercolor Cuties & Oil Cuties & another marathon

Whenever I just want to paint something, I grab a bunch of little cuties.  You know, the little mandarin oranges.  Are they called Cuties around the world?  I think I like my oil painting better…but this is watercolor #1.  Or really #2 if you count the little Self Portrait I did in 2003.  I see one littleContinue reading “Watercolor Cuties & Oil Cuties & another marathon”

The Work of Jill Kuhn!

Originally posted on Jill's Art Journal:
Did you know that today is National Scrabble Day? I decided to play along and join my friend, Charlie at Doodlewash in celebrating a National day today with a doodlewash.  If you want to know more about Charlie or a doodlewash, please check out his awesome blog! Did you…

School Art Auction

There it is all framed.  I love the simple reveal “floating” frame, it’s my favorite.  This frame always makes a painting look finished and professional.  The little painting sold for what I would sell it for, so that’s great.  I also helped with the 4th grade class art project that was sold in the liveContinue reading “School Art Auction”