Cupcake Still Life

5X7 oil on canvas Around the time I did the Thiebaud style Dress still life painting, I also did a few little cupcake paintings.  It was all sometime early 2015 and I was working on finding my thing. Here are a few Wayne Thiebaud paintings I love.  Back in college I borrowed from the artContinue reading “Cupcake Still Life”


Oh Watercolors, where have you been all my life?

Happy Birthday!  I celebrated the April & May birthdays with my running group and got a stack of cards from everyone. My birthday is on Mother’s Day this year.  I’ve requested a box of chocolate from my family. I think there are close to 20 women in our running group and they/we celebrate every  possible occasion.  LotsContinue reading “Oh Watercolors, where have you been all my life?”