Watercolor Cuties & Oil Cuties & another marathon

Whenever I just want to paint something, I grab a bunch of little cuties.  You know, the little mandarin oranges.  Are they called Cuties around the world?  I think I like my oil painting better…but this is watercolor #1.  Or really #2 if you count the little Self Portrait I did in 2003.  I see one little cutie in there that I like.  The light was right overhead so the shadows were a little, meh.  I thought the watercolors were fun to play with.  Those tubes are so tiny that I could barely read the colors on the labels.

The commission piece I’m working on is nearly done and coming along, I took it to my class tonight and worked on it.  I attend a painting class once a week on Tuesday nights and usually there are 5 or so people that attend.  But today I was the only one that showed up, so it was a quiet night and I got to pick Geoff’s brain all evening.  Check out his work, you will not be disappointed.  Geoff Krueger is a fantastic artist and awesome teacher.  And a great cheerleader who only has encouraging and positive things to say.  But he tells me when something “bothers him” and needs fixing.  Here’s the little guy I worked on today.  Isn’t he cute?!IMG_4944

And on another side note, today was day ONE of training for my next race.  My sister sent me her training plan for the week and I’m doing it along with her.  My little sister Sara has tried 5 times to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  I thought she was ready to throw in the towel but she has found a running coach that is going to train her through this training cycle.  And she’s forwarding the plans to me.  Today’s workout kicked my rear.  Last time I ran a marathon with her she missed qualifying by 90 seconds. But I qualified because I am older than her and the qualifying time is 5 minutes slower.  Poor young thing.  So I’m going to run along and try to help her, my older sister Jeni helped her in the last race at the Phoenix Marathon and made it look way too easy, which made little sis mad.  So I promised that I would not make it look easy.  And I won’t.FullSizeRender-92




19 thoughts on “Watercolor Cuties & Oil Cuties & another marathon

  1. I love all three paintings. Whichever medium is used, there is this magical feeling that draws the eyes and evokes something warm and enjoyable. Thank you for sharing this Jill!

    Ah good luck on the marathon. I can tell your sister is really determined to qualify. I’ve had my share of marathon moments back in 2012. A back of the pack runner, I am proud to have finished two marathons on the same year, one road and one trail. Now, I am thinking of doing a 5okm before I turn 50 in 5 years. Have you heard about the Bataan Death March 102km road run?

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    1. Hoy moly, I have heard of the Bataan Death March. Will you do that when you are 102? just kidding. Awesome job with the marathon, they are hard no matter how you look at them. And ultras…yikes. Go do it. My sister is determined, I have to really fight to find that determination. Thanks for the sweet feedback on the paintings!

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      1. My husband did BDM 102 in 2012 the same year I did both my marathons. I’m really thinking hard about doing it. Its tough, difficult and requires a mindset of someone really really determined. My grandfather walked the path during the Japanese occupation so it has a bit of a history in our family. Let’s see!

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    1. Thank you! That’s nice feedback. I”m going to try to do a quick watercolor sketch often so that I will eventually feel comfortable with that medium. I enjoyed looking at your abstract work with acrylics. 🙂

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  2. I love those oranges! I like a bit of still life sometimes, just so my eyes remember to see again. And your figures are fantastic. I’m not a great watercolourist, so I’m in awe!
    And on top of all this you’re an athelete! Go girl!

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