The Work of Jill Kuhn!

Hi Everyone,

Today I’m sharing the work of the delightful Jill Kuhn. I chose to share her scrabble “Happy Birthday” painting because it’s whimsical and a lot of fun and I grew up playing scrabble.  And maybe because my birthday is next week. If you look through her work you will see that all of her watercolors have that fun whimsical flair. I also love that colorful floral watercolor that’s up on the header of her website. Along with many other people, I have enjoyed seeing and reading about your work Jill!  And she shares my name. 🙂 Her work has inspired me to get cracking with the watercolors too…

Does everyone already follow Jill and I was late to the party?!?

Jill's Art Journal

Did you know that today is National Scrabble Day?

I decided to play along and join my friend, Charlie at Doodlewash in celebrating a National day today with a doodlewash.  If you want to know more about Charlie or a doodlewash, please check out his awesome blog!

Did you know that Alfred Butts invented the game, Scrabble?  I had no clue…(oh, that’s a different game!)  Mr. Butts was a shy statistician with a degree in architecture, a mathematical mind and an aversion to spelling – go figure!  If you’d like to learn more about this letters game, I’d suggest you check out Wikipedia at this link:

Since today is also Charlie’s birthday, I decided to create this message for him:


No butts about it, Charlie is an FANTASTIC artist and a great friend!

HAPPY Birthday Charlie!  🙂

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  1. I follow Jill and this is a wonderful post to honor her and her creative, whimsical and clever artwork. I love what you picked to feature and now I know it’s Charlie’s birthday so over to his blog to say HB


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