School Art Auction


There it is all framed.  I love the simple reveal “floating” frame, it’s my favorite.  This frame always makes a painting look finished and professional.  The little painting sold for what I would sell it for, so that’s great.  I also helped with the 4th grade class art project that was sold in the live auction, this little hill painting was in the silent auction, and it did a little too well and we were not able to buy it, to my daughters great disappointment.  I forgot to take a picture of the finished class project, oops.  I know someone did, so I’ll track it down.

AND, thank you for the great feedback on what type of watercolors to buy, it helped a lot.  I ended up buying W & Newton professional grade tubes, just the basic colors to start.  The colors I use the most with oils.  I also bought a little set of pans for my daughter that I will try out.  Before I wrote the last post, I didn’t even know they were called pans.  We will see how it goes…

Happy Monday!  I love seeing what you’re creating.  Jill


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    1. Thank you Laura! I will try them out. I was sweating at the art store the other day as I looked at the prices of the tiny tubes of watercolors. 🙂 It reminded me of when I went in to buy a mountain bike at I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a recreational mountain biker or really go for it and make it my thing. So I didn’t buy a bike at all. Do I buy the cheap stuff and dink around, or do I go all out. Or just walk away.

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      1. I hear ya! And I have the same problem – the local stores only carry WN, I think they force them into exclusive contracts (which ticks me off, but I won’t go off on a rant lol)….so I order my Graham paint from Their prices are wonderful and the service is FANTASTIC. They allow you to return OPEN merchandise for up to a YEAR. What is not to like? So it’s a risk-free move, if you’d like to try those Graham paints!

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