Tablerock Plein Air

Today I drove up the hill to my friends house to paint Tablerock which was burned in a huge fire just before the 4th of July.  An illegal firework started it.   For a long time the hill was completely black.  Yesterday I went running up there and noticed how much grass is growing back.Continue reading “Tablerock Plein Air”

Bridge, Maine, Musicians, Sisters

Looks like it’s show and tell day, I may have gotten carried away… This is a painting I started around the same time I did the other Golden Gate Bridge painting, I still haven’t finished it.  It’s almost done, but you will see I have 5 more cars to paint in and the road.  I’ve foundContinue reading “Bridge, Maine, Musicians, Sisters”

Cupcake Still Life

5X7 oil on canvas Around the time I did the Thiebaud style Dress still life painting, I also did a few little cupcake paintings.  It was all sometime early 2015 and I was working on finding my thing. Here are a few Wayne Thiebaud paintings I love.  Back in college I borrowed from the artContinue reading “Cupcake Still Life”

Watercolor Cuties & Oil Cuties & another marathon

Whenever I just want to paint something, I grab a bunch of little cuties.  You know, the little mandarin oranges.  Are they called Cuties around the world?  I think I like my oil painting better…but this is watercolor #1.  Or really #2 if you count the little Self Portrait I did in 2003.  I see one littleContinue reading “Watercolor Cuties & Oil Cuties & another marathon”