Better in Black and White

  Sometimes paintings look better in black and white, this is for sure one of those cases. I’m going to take a second shot at this one when it dries. I thought I’d share a bit of my Critterscape process.  Nothing groundbreaking, I sketch with paint and then paint.  I once heard someone say thatContinue reading “Better in Black and White”


Happy Bunny and NO School- Snow Day #7!

That’s right.  No school again today because of ice.  And, I just saw a snow plow so that means no school tomorrow.  I’m wondering what happens in places like Canada or many other places where it snows and rains down ice every day.  Are the kids tougher, have studded shoes, drive better cars?  Better plows?Continue reading “Happy Bunny and NO School- Snow Day #7!”

Not So Still Life

I Thought of that title as I was setting up and painting this still life.  The top lemon and apple kept rolling away. The whole thing was inspired by a box of Meyer lemons that my cousin sent me for Christmas.  She lives in Santa Cruz and has a lemon tree in her backyard.  LuckyContinue reading “Not So Still Life”

Cold Rabbit

We had a snow day today here in Boise Idaho.  School was cancelled on what was supposed to be the first day back after Christmas break.  And they have announced that tomorrow will be a snow day too.  My kids are over the moon about it.  But I’ll be honest, I’m about to reach myContinue reading “Cold Rabbit”