Morning Run


22X22″ oil on canvas

I  finished Morning Run today.  All’s right in my world.  I was lucky to get this shot last month while I was running with my group.  The hills were green, the air was clear, the light was beautiful, the runners and dogs were all in frame.  All the dogs but one, Penny was off doing her own thing.  But I got her in there too.  My only regret is that I don’t have our whole group in the pic.  Sometimes there are 15 of us running together.  Out on the greenbelt we are hard to miss.  I’ve bought stretcher bars to do another of these, a little bigger, a different scene, and rectangular rather than square.



11 thoughts on “Morning Run

  1. Love morning run! I like the feel of those runners moving down the path. You have inspired me to try and put figures in some of my landscapes. It is something I have been afraid to try.


    1. You should! I’d love to see one or many. I worked on figures for a while, then landscapes, then I put them together. I’m afraid of all kinds of things, so I get it. I never know if or how something is going to turn out when I start. Blind- scary- faith and hope.


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