Runners WIP


I painted in the rest of the figures, the dogs, and plugged in the landscape.  The dogs are 2 beautiful golden retrievers that are brother and sister, and can you see the little vizsla zipping ahead off trail?  That’s Penny, she stayed with us last weekend so we could “try out” a dog and we fell in love with her.  That dog can run and she is so sweet and obedient.




10 thoughts on “Runners WIP

    1. Thank you Margaret! I am a little nutty, I just love to make things. This one and the last are commissions that had deadlines so I moved along on them. I’m surprised by how quickly and easily this piece has come together, it’s nearly done, I think it’s because I took the photo and it’s my composition and I am so familiar with the subject matter. I’m always running behind these ladies. I painted it in a much looser style than some others. I’m working towards being more abstract. Abstract figure painting is hard for me. How’d the month of water colors go?

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