The Work of Sammy Millward!

I’ve spotlighted the work of my 2 other kids, today it’s Sammy’s turn.  Hold on to your seat, Sammy is an awesome dude.  Sammy’s style is different than Ethans, and Eowyns style is different than the boys.  Sammy has always drawn incredible little drawings seemingly without looking or paying attention.  He would wow his preschoolContinue reading “The Work of Sammy Millward!”

Rhino Portrait

  Just for fun.  I’m thinking of painting an animal alphabet.  I painted this pink Black Rhino a few months ago and hung it on the wall to dry and then painted my nephew and hung him to dry and noticed the 2 together.  It made me laugh.  I had to specify that  it’s aContinue reading “Rhino Portrait”