Rabbit and Rocks

IMG_8820.JPGRabbit and Rocks 5×5″ oil on canvas

Here’s my first painting of 2017.  A lucky rabbit!  I think that by the end of the year all these little paintings are going to push me out of my studio.

This little canvas was originally a failed lemon 🍋 still life.  For a while you could see the lemon under the sketched paint outline of the rabbit.  You can still see a tiny bit of yellow under him.  It was a great canvas, I had put a think layer of something on it to make it perfectly smooth.  I can’t stand the bumps on the canvas but I’m often to lazy to prepare the canvases so they are smooth.  When I paint thick it doesn’t matter, but I love the way paint slides across a smooth canvas.img_8792

This is a little brown bird I saw in the trees by my house.  And this is a fine example of canvas bumps.  It’s not terrible, but not my favorite.

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