Cold Rabbit

IMG_8859.JPGWe had a snow day today here in Boise Idaho.  School was cancelled on what was supposed to be the first day back after Christmas break.  And they have announced that tomorrow will be a snow day too.  My kids are over the moon about it.  But I’ll be honest, I’m about to reach my breaking point.  If one more kids says to me “what are we going to do today” I might unravel altogether.  I feel like we have covered it all, ice skating, skiing, Star Wars, the Nutcracker X 6, cinnamon rolls, shopping, decorating, movie nights, movie days, sledding, visiting friends, piano concerts, band concerts, and on and on… I’m ready for Christmas vacation to end.  I had a dream last night that all the snow had melted and it was summer and I was so happy.  Today while I was walking the dog in a foot (felt like it) of new snow I thought about that dream.  Then a car got stuck in the snow in the middle of the road.  Then I went home and made more cinnamon rolls and put my kids to work when they said they were bored at 7:00 am.  How can you be bored at 7:00 am?  An hour of practicing the piano, Khan academy, room cleaning, dog walking, shoveling snow, and general housework solved the boredom  problem.  I also told them to make something, and they did.

Oh, and I painted this rabbit.


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