img_7742I thought I’d give this a whirl for today’s little painting.  It’s 4×4.”  I’m going to let it dry and then come back and work on a few things.  But in general it was fun to try.  I’m really more of a portrait painter than landscape painter.


14 thoughts on “WIP

  1. Like the double rainbow will be interesting to see where you go with the finish on this. I think small paintings can be more difficult than larger paintings because the margin for error is greater. Every brush stroke counts and it seems hard to stay loose. Having said that you are doing great at staying loose with this and your other smaller pieces!


    1. Thanks Louis. I was just talking with an art friend about a big piece I’m doing and hard it is for me to feel loose and free with it and how much easier it is to do small paintings because just a few brush strokes cover so much area and show the character of the brushwork. We decided the solution is brush size.😀


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