Another Work in Progress


Here’s another piece I’m working on.  This is a portrait of my friends parents.  She asked me to paint it for them for their anniversary.  My daughter painted the underpainting in oil of yellow ochre/burnt sienna (I think).  She is always dying to help me, she also wrote “Hi Mom” on there.  You can just see the top of the “i” in between their heads.  I think this will be a sweet portrait.  I’m going to leave the dads portrait brushy and rugged and fitness out the mom a little more.  I will put in the background and a shirt on the mom today.  Then I will make a bunch of little adjustments to their features.  This painting is a first for me, I have never painted anyone older than 20.  My daughter told me last night that I needed to add more wrinkles to the mom/grandma’s face, but I won’t.  She looks her age here without a bunch of wrinkles spelled out.  11X14 oil on canvas.


5 thoughts on “Another Work in Progress

  1. They look like a happy couple, and I’m sure your friend — and her parents — will be thrilled with it. Please share the finished portrait with us!

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  2. Wow, i don’t know them, but your painting makes them look like such a nice and wonderful couple that everyone would love to have as parents!

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