Figures 2, 3,and 4


I started on these 3 kids today.  They are cousins digging for clams on a beach in Maine.  I feel like it’s a good first pass.  I see the little guy in orange still needs hands.  I’ve decided to turn the heads of most of the kids so it’s less posed and more of a look into what they were  doing, clamming together in Maine.  Hanging out and grandma at grandpa’s house.  I wonder if they had a clam bake.IMG_5239




11 thoughts on “Figures 2, 3,and 4

  1. I love the lights and shadows, and the look on that little guy’s face is absolutely delightful. You can see that he’s having a grand time digging. This painting is simply amazing to me. I love watching it progress from day to day.

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    1. Thank you! It was weird, I tried really hard on figure one’s face to figure it out and felt really frustrated and then painted this little guys face without really thinking about it. That’s the trick, not thinking….but not trying too hard is hard to do. It’s a gift when it just happens unconsciously. whew.

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      1. You are right! If I don’t think, can finish a painting easily in 4 hours…when I think about it, it stretches to 12 or more and the painting isn’t any better…just worked over. Well, I guess you better stop thinking then, cuz the brainless face looks really good.

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      2. Forgot to mention that the brush strokes are looking good to. I love to see brush strokes.


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