Sweet Sixteen

18X24 oil on canvas A very happy birthday to this really incredible girl!  Miss Danielle, the Millwards love you so much. This painting is of my dear running partners daughter.  She looks just like her mom.  Running partners are something special, really good matches don’t come along very often and once you find one it’s likeContinue reading “Sweet Sixteen”

Fort Bragg Beach Scene

3X5′ oil on canvas I’ve decided to finally come back to this one and finish it.  It’s a big one for me at 3X5 feet.  I worked on this beach scene last summer after our trip to Northern California for spring break.  We like to get together with family and stay at a beach house onContinue reading “Fort Bragg Beach Scene”

Jeni’s Peaches

I wish I had a better picture of this one!  it’s one of my favorites.  I painted this for my sister and her husband for Christmas and surprised them with it.  I was in such a rush to get it framed and in the mail that I didn’t take any good photos.  I had it framedContinue reading “Jeni’s Peaches”

Boys at the Fair

Last summer I took a million pictures at the county fair and then decided to paint this one.  These two had just bought homemade ice cream and were sitting outside the small animal petting zoo area.  I like their expressions in the picture with one blankly staring and brother pulling a face.  I love the colorsContinue reading “Boys at the Fair”


Painting hands is hard.  Much harder than faces for me.  Hands move and change in so many ways and have so many angles.  I find painting them tedious.  Faces are challenging but they turn out beautiful, hands are always just hands, neither here nor there.  Unless you are painting a beautiful ballet dancer, then theyContinue reading “Hands”

Cottage Street

Watercolors 2003 My friends in Alameda CA will recognize this little house.  We moved here from California in 2003 and I was so sad to leave my wonderful friends in Alameda, family in Ukiah & San Mateo, and this really cute house on Cottage Street.  This was our first home.  We brought Sammy home to this house.Continue reading “Cottage Street”


  Here are Ethan, Eowyn, and Sammy all together.  Eowyn looks so small compared to the boys.  They will be framed together.  When I paint portraits I try to convey personality through body language and expression.  I also try to make it look like the person.  I’ve found that the better I know a person,Continue reading “Kids”

Ethan is done

12X16 oil on canvas I’m all done with Ethan, Sammy, and Eowyn.  Here is Ethan.  I painted his jeans yesterday and finished this and that.  I’m looking forward to getting Sammy back from the print shop so I can see how the three look together.  With all three together the piece will be 36X16 inches.Continue reading “Ethan is done”