Jeni’s Peaches


I wish I had a better picture of this one!  it’s one of my favorites.  I painted this for my sister and her husband for Christmas and surprised them with it.  I was in such a rush to get it framed and in the mail that I didn’t take any good photos.  I had it framed by a wonderful local artist, Randy Van Dyke.  He took it while it was still wet in places and framed it within 24 hours and then off to CA it went.  I surprised my sister with it, normally I share way too many pictures with my sisters as paintings are in progress, but with this one I kept it a secret.  These 2 cute little kids are now teenagers.  Here they were 9 and 11 years old.  Now they are 15 and 17.  So, when my sister opened this gift both she and her husband started crying.  I hope they were happy tears over the sweet memory of their beautiful kids.  Maybe there was some feeling of the loss we all feel as life changes and time marches forward and our kids grow up, etc.  She loved it and told me it was the best gift she had ever received.  Of course that made me feel good.

I grabbed this picture off my sisters Facebook account.  My brother in law is a great photographer and takes and posts a lot of photos.  I saw this one and something about it really caught the spirit and personalities of these two.  Here’s the original.  I call this one “Jeni’s Peaches” because they looked liked soft rosy beautiful peaches as kids with peaches and cream cheeks.  This one was easy for me because I knew when it looked like them.

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