Cottage Street


Watercolors 2003

My friends in Alameda CA will recognize this little house.  We moved here from California in 2003 and I was so sad to leave my wonderful friends in Alameda, family in Ukiah & San Mateo, and this really cute house on Cottage Street.  This was our first home.  We brought Sammy home to this house.  It was tiny and really charming.  Had the smallest front yard you could imagine and a concrete backyard with an orange and apple tree, and a zero property line on the sides.  I could probably hang out the window and touch our neighbors houses.  I walked to the bay with my little boys almost every day.  The weather was perfect.   I loved it.  We drive by this house when we are in bay area.  I planted a little green leaf Japanese maple in the tiny front yard when Sammy was born 14 years ago.  Now the tree is big and beautiful.2012-03-29_17-20-44_670

Here is a photo from a few years after we moved.  We painted the house before we sold it.  It was pink when we moved in.

Here are some of our CA friends that I still miss.


And 2 of my cool California sisters.

Here we have Idaho.  And 2 very little boys.  On a horse ranch.  With goat head thorns that popped the tires on my BOB baby jogger every time I tried to go anywhere.

So I bought some watercolors and painted a picture of our cute little house.

When we moved to Kuna, ID. I was very sad.  It took me a few years find my place and people here.  Now I’d be sad to leave Idaho.


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