Fort Bragg Beach Scene

FullSizeRender (1)

3X5′ oil on canvas

I’ve decided to finally come back to this one and finish it.  It’s a big one for me at 3X5 feet.  I worked on this beach scene last summer after our trip to Northern California for spring break.  We like to get together with family and stay at a beach house on the coast where all the cousins can hang out and play together on the beach.  We usually stay at the beach for  a few days and the kids make trips down to the ocean back and forth all day long.  I took this picture in the evening when the sun was setting.  Here 3 of them were pulling a long piece of seaweed out of the ocean, 2 were digging a hole, and one was walking around in the water looking for things.  They were all doing what all kids do on the beach.  The light that night was casting a beautiful light on the kids and rocks.

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