Spring Break Day 6: Mendocino Headlands


More from Spring Break 2016.  Mendocino, CA.  Every spring break we make the windy drive form Ukiah to Mendocino.  We play on the beach where the Big River meets the ocean, eat pizza and ice cream at Frankie’s.  Ethan gets a burger and fries from MendoBurger, coolest burger place anywhere, we look in all the windows of all the galleries, and then play some more.  Mendocino is 3o miles west of Ukiah.  Perhaps my favorite place on earth.

This is a small painting of the farthest west point of Mendocino in what I think is called the Mendocino Headlands state park.  There are several beautiful rock arches.

5X7 oil on canvas

My collection of spring break 2016 paintings so far.  I like how my computer organized them so the food is the main event.


9 thoughts on “Spring Break Day 6: Mendocino Headlands

  1. The curving passages of blue paint above the arch look so much like the surface of water in the brushstrokes. Really captures to motion and the sense of the water’s volume. What a wonderful painting.

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    1. Thank you! That is nice feedback, I was fretting over whether or not to post this one…sometimes it’s hard for me to see my work objectively, I always love others peoples paintings. Much appreciated.


  2. Hi Jill, I really like the value contrast and texture of brushstroke a above the arch. Nice abstract design in my amateur view. Thanks for visiting my blog, I just stared to get it up yesterday and still doing silly things as I try to get the hang of WordPress! Kind regards.


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