Spring Break- Ukiah


Oil on Canvas 8X10

Still chronicling sprig break over here on my little art blog. This has been a mostly fun project for me, and is forcing me to try some things I’ve never done before, for better or worse. This piece I’m posting today is one that I painted last year after Spring Break. It’s the other end of my parents pasture deep in the rain forest. Just kidding about the rain forest, it’s in Ukiah CA, so it’s surrounded by a few tall redwoods, huge craggy oak trees, madrones with their cool red bark, and lots of other big green trees. This corner of their property seems to have its own eco system. It’s always a little damp and cool down there. I call this painting “Ghost Barn.” The barn is not really blue, it’s made of wood. My mom designed this barn and my dad and some other guys built it. 10 or 15 or so years ago the original barn burned to the ground and so my mother modified a house plan she designed and never built and created this beautiful barn. It’s a chicken and pig paradise.

On another note. I struggled my heart out yesterday with a different painting. Painting can really knock you right off your feet sometimes. I’m not sure what was going on, other than I was trying a new subject. I got a lot of funny feedback from my family. The best was my husband looking at it and saying that it looked like something that he could paint. And he is a chemist. You win some…


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  1. Boy don’t I know how it is to lose some and struggle trying to make a painting work. What bothers me is when it seems like the painting paints itself and then some days it is hell! It was just another day in the field, there is always another good day is around the corner! 😀 get on getting those paintings painted! By the way, I know where Ukiah is. My husband and I almost broke down there in town and had to buy a turkey baster to syringe out excess gas, long story but it was a nightmare! We have travelled through there many times on our way to the coast. Blessings!


    1. What a great comment. I imagine all painters get put through the ringer from time to time. I have to remember that there is usually a point in a painting when I wonder what the heck I am doing and want to throw in the towel. Where do you like to go at the coast? We love Mendocino and Fort Bragg. I want to paint 10,ooo paintings of the coast.

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      1. Our favorite spot is in the Trinidad area north of Eureka at Patrick’s Point SP. We first started going up there in the 90’s to Prairie Creek Redwood SP until we discovered our favorite spot. I have painted many paintings up there. 😀 One trip I painted 9 paintings in 7 days! what a memory.

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