Figure 8!


There she is, the last kid to get a face.  She was the first to get a suit.  You may have noticed that in the original drawing she was wearing a string bikini, but since this is a painting for her grandparents, we decided to put a one piece on her.  This girl is tall, 6 feet.  She would tower over the little guy next to her is she stood up.  I think she is a beautiful girl.  At first I had her head turned down instead of looking out at us and she looked so so sad like that.  Her head and hair hanging down, crawling off the canvas.  She looks waaaaaaay better now.  This girls face was hard to paint because about half of it was not in frame in the original picture.  So I had to puzzle out what I thought she looks like, and I’ve never seen her before.  Her aunt sent me some other pics of her.  That helped.  If nothing else, she’s pretty and I have her high cheekbone right.

Now all I have left is that clam bucket that I have been ignoring.




7 thoughts on “Figure 8!

  1. I’ve been following your progress on this painting, and have found every step fascinating. I think it’s a beautiful picture, full of life and verve. Thank you for the insights into your process. 🙂

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  2. She’s very beautiful! I’m glad you put the one-piece suit on her. I think that was a good move. This painting is going to become a cherished work of art that people will enjoy for many, many years to come. How satisfying that must feel. Awesome. Truly awesome.

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    1. Thank you so much! I am with you on the one piece, I don’t really like to see kids in bikinis. I think it’s creepy. I think she’s a really beautiful girl. I truly hope that the painting is well received by her grandparents, and everyone else. I hope all the kids enjoy seeing themselves in the painting. Art is so personal, so fingers crossed.

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