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Hi friends!  I am so happy to say that I completely finished the Maine beach scene and my client (I don’t like that word, but what else works?) came by my studio and loved it and said that each kid looks like themselves.  She is picking it up on Tuesday to take it to the framer and to the art print reproduction shop to have it photographed.  She is going to make some smaller prints for herself and her 2 siblings.  Then off it will go to Maine.  I will post the image I get from the print place, their photographs are so perfect.  Mine are so blurry and the color is always off.

Now I am on to my foothills running scene.  This sketch I did is 22X22″ charcoal and pencil on newsprint.  I built and stretched the canvas for this size painting.  I will start the painting on Tuesday.  This one will be looser and more are abstracted.  And I need to add a 3rd dog.  These are 5 of my running partners, 2 golden retrievers, and there was a Viszla that was bounding around in the foothills out of frame.  This one is for my running partner that is out in front.  She asked me/is commissioning me to paint a foothills & runners scene for her.

I gave this painting to my daughters ballet teacher as a end of the year thank you.  He as been her teacher for 2 years and she will have him again next year.  The girl that is front and center with her back to us and the girl just to her left are his goddaughter.  I painted her twice.  I just found that out, so I thought he was the one to have it.  I never planned to sell this, it’s a study for a larger piece I plan to do.  I think it’s 11X14.  A good gift size, not too big so if he’s not wild about it he can hang it in a small tucked away spot.  I always joke and say, “If you don’t like it, hang it in your closet.”





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