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Guest artist.  Check our Margaret’s work and her blog! I love seeing what people do and how they are inspired by where they live. Margaret lives in what must be the most heavenly place on earth. And coming from me that’s saying something because I think I’m from the most beautiful place. She lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas in Northern California and has no trouble finding inspiration from the scenery all around her. She does plein air drawings and paintings with mainly pastels and watercolors. Margaret, your plein air work and gorgeous photographs are an inspiration! And she leaves delightful comments. 🙂 I’m happy I stumbled across your site. Carry on! XO

Yuba Gold

12783788_10208633570778809_7965849769366900941_oMy new set-up which is different not necessarily lighter because I have discovered that my pastel box weighs a hefty 10-12 pounds loaded. My tripod was a little wobbly and I am thinking that I need to buy a tripod that can handle the weight. Those pastels are too expensive to have them hit the rocks because of my tripod breaking.

The easel that you see here is one that my daughter and son-in-law gifted me a year ago. It is lightweight and folds up into its own carrying case. A keeper so far I am happy to report. I will be looking yet for a lighter pastel box. My current box is a Heilman but the standard size that doesn’t allow for the easel attachment. I am thinking of this one also made by Heilman:

12764617_10208633568978764_4388300981558400318_oI am about 20 minutes from this location just on the other side of the Indian Valley…

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  1. Hi Jill, thanks so much for sharing this blog, she is an amazing artist! And thank you for liking my recent post, I love your work and look forward to explore your blog! Much love all the way from the Netherlands x


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