Sammy, Eowyn, and Ethan in the Clouds


Yesterday I got the call I’d been waiting for, my paintings were all framed and ready to be picked up!  I was so excited that I made my kids pose with the painting making my daughter late for ballet and my sons after school snack get cold.  They were good sports.  Great kids.  I love this painting (and them too, of course) so much.  Framed by local artist Randy Van Dyck.  Check out his beautiful paintings. Randy’s work:

It all started with Sammy asking me if I would paint a portrait of just him, alone.  And so I did.  But then I had the idea of doing all three and it evolved into this.  But he has his own canvas.


My reference photo, although this is not the exact photo, Sammy wasn’t smiling in this one.  I took this just after Christmas last December.  Ethan was standing right next to the Christmas tree so there is a weird blue light cast on him, which I love.  Since then Ethan got his brace off, Sammy had his braces put on, and Lady Eowyn is as delightful as always.





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  1. Wow! Impressive. Love the painting – and your blog is interesting too. I shall keep an eye on it and hope to see some further work.

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