The Work of Sammy Millward!

I’ve spotlighted the work of my 2 other kids, today it’s Sammy’s turn.  Hold on to your seat, Sammy is an awesome dude.  Sammy’s style is different than Ethans, and Eowyns style is different than the boys.  Sammy has always drawn incredible little drawings seemingly without looking or paying attention.  He would wow his preschool teacher by sitting and doodling while in his own little world.  It looked like he was just making little scribbles but then when he was finished he had drawn a full underwater scene with scuba diver, mask, net, flippers, fish, etc.  And he could barely write his name, like his brother.

Sammy loves cartooning.  He has created his own comic strip called “The Deep Blue Sea.”  He has drawn about 150 full pages of comics.  He is dying to publish them into a book but we haven’t figured that out yet.  Here are a few pages at random.





Ethan was also into cartooning for a while and Sammy was always collaborating  with him on ideas and there were always arguments about whose ideas to use so finally Sammy struck out on his own.  Ethans comics are about dinosaurs and Sammys are about 8 or so little undersea creatures.  Sheldon, Stripes, Squirt, and Clam are the main characters.  The ideas pour out of him.  He takes his cartooning stuff with him to school and he works on them in the library during breaks.  I told him that was a good move for jr high, to fly under the radar and do your own thing.  At home you will find him sitting at his drafting table quietly working away.  We have to make him stop.


Sammy also takes a teen painting class with his brother (and me and his sister) on Saturday mornings.  Here are some of his paintings.  He has painted all of his comic characters as well as his other passion, African animals.


This is Clam and the rest of the gang.


Check out this rhino!




Sammy has talked about wanting to get a degree in graphic design or illustration and work for Pixar someday.  Sammy is wonderfully creative, quiet, musical, and surprising.


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  1. Oh my goodness your kids are just fantastic! I love Sammy’s comic book! What a great way to develop imagination, all those characters (and seriously, the rhino? brilliant). And how great are you for showcasing them and getting all this feedback so they know how great they are and continue to do what they enjoy. Just lovely. And very talented.

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      1. They’re just a fun way to connect with other bloggers, for the most part. It’s a nice way to acknowledge blogs that you enjoy and share it with others. If you would like to participate, I have more information on how to do so in my post (link in my comment above). 🙂

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  2. Hi Jill! So awesome you encourage your children in their art! Sammy’s cartoons are really imaginative and I love his other animals too! The hippo is my favorite. 😊

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