Some Monday randomness

This is what I do while my kids are at piano lessons, knit.  Our teacher requires that a parent is there through the whole lesson, and the lessons are an hour long each.  So that’s three hours of sitting on her couch listening to their lessons each week.  I have learned a lot and love being there because their teacher is super awesome and my daughter just said I should add the word incredible to describe her.  Sometimes I knit while I sit there.  I took my watercolors once and sat at her table and painted.  But usually I just sit there and listen and enjoy sitting still for a little while.IMG_5265


And here’s a little house painting I started after spring break.  I don’t quite know what direction to go with it, so maybe I’ll just leave it alone forever.  It’s my sisters house in California.


These grapevines are just to the right of her house.  Very pretty place.


My daughter loves to dye her hair purple.

IMG_5226Millwards 093

There we are.  She’s 10 now.  She’s my little angel.




7 thoughts on “Some Monday randomness

  1. I love the colourfulness (and I can imagine you’ve made some amazing scarves from those)! But I have to wonder why the teacher needs you to be there the whole time!?

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    1. Thank you! I’m at piano right now! Our teacher teaches out of her home and I have teenage boys…and beyond that she said that everything goes better, parents learn along and know what the kids need to practice.😀 There’s high parent involvement. But I get why you’re asking, I was sort of surprised by it too. But it’s been so effective and my kids have made incredible progress.

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      1. That sounds, literally and figuratively, pretty wonderful!! It sounds like you have a really creative family… Painting, knitting, piano 😃

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  2. Fantastic hat! I crochet or visit other artists blogs on our road trips. Love the colour on your daughter’s hair, mine wants the same!

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