San Francisco-The Presidio

FullSizeRender-74.jpgSpring break (still) day 4.  The trees along the coast of Northern California are incredible.  I’ve always loved the shapes Monterey Cypress trees twist themselves into to reach out through the fog for every bit of sunlight they can get.  I hope to take many more photographs next time we are in CA.  Better yet, paint on location!  This painting is of the presidio in San Francisco on the farthest north-west side of the city just before you get to the bridge.  I took a picture of the cypress trees in the presidio and then turned around and took the classic shot of the Golden Gate bridge stretching across the mouth of the bay.  I’ll start that bridge painting next.  The Presidio painting is a work in progress, I’m still hammering it out.


I often turn a painting upside down to paint parts of it.  I especially like to work on portraits upside down because it helps me see the image as just shapes, colors, and values, rather than the person.  That’s all anything is, shapes and values.  But I’m working hard to figure out the tricks of landscape painting.  To me it’s still a mystery and seems like magic.

Thanks for looking and reading!  Jill


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