Cottage Street

Watercolors 2003 My friends in Alameda CA will recognize this little house.  We moved here from California in 2003 and I was so sad to leave my wonderful friends in Alameda, family in Ukiah & San Mateo, and this really cute house on Cottage Street.  This was our first home.  We brought Sammy home to this house.Continue reading “Cottage Street”


  Here are Ethan, Eowyn, and Sammy all together.  Eowyn looks so small compared to the boys.  They will be framed together.  When I paint portraits I try to convey personality through body language and expression.  I also try to make it look like the person.  I’ve found that the better I know a person,Continue reading “Kids”

Ethan is done

12X16 oil on canvas I’m all done with Ethan, Sammy, and Eowyn.  Here is Ethan.  I painted his jeans yesterday and finished this and that.  I’m looking forward to getting Sammy back from the print shop so I can see how the three look together.  With all three together the piece will be 36X16 inches.Continue reading “Ethan is done”


Ethan needs some pants.  Yesterday I worked on Ethan’s face, hands, and shirt.  Everything but his pants.  Today I will put some pants on him, although I like the surreal look of having the clouds for pants.  I liked the way the others looked with the clouds coming through too, maybe I will paint anotherContinue reading “Ethan”

Gabrielle and Sophia

12X16 oil on canvas These beautiful girls are finished. They were such a joy to paint in every way and I love the way it turned out. I’m working my way back away from realism. This is still realism here in this painting but I’ve abstracted their skin and clothing more than I have beenContinue reading “Gabrielle and Sophia”

Senior Portrait

Last December my friend asked what I was up to with my art and I showed her a few photos of portraits I had just finished.  Later that day she asked if I would paint her daughters portrait before she heads off to college.  I was excited to give it a shot.  I am thrilledContinue reading “Senior Portrait”