Ethan needs some pants.  Yesterday I worked on Ethan’s face, hands, and shirt.  Everything but his pants.  Today I will put some pants on him, although I like the surreal look of having the clouds for pants.  I liked the way the others looked with the clouds coming through too, maybe I will paint another and try out a cloud shirt or something.  I like the texture of the cloud underpainting.  Ethan is nearly there.  There is something about his face that looks a little young, I’ll measure things today and see if his chin is a fraction on an inch too short.  Part of the problem might just be that his head is cut off.  And that’s how it is.  I had so much trouble getting the stripe colors in the right place, it’s easy to get mixed up when it’s just a line drawing.  In the end I was able to make the red/blue pattern.FullSizeRender-23


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