Sun Valley





IMG_1602What a place!  Sun Valley is big and majestic and hard to know what to paint and where to start.  The third painting is still a work in progress but I like how the little round bushes look, so I included it.  I’ve been messing around with colors on it.  There are parts of the barn painting I like a lot, like the area surrounding the barn.  I like the sky, clouds, and hill.  And that’s good progress for me, it normally takes me several months to let go of what I was trying to paint and embrace what I actually painted.

Plein air painting is tricky!  And just plain old hard.  I’m trying hard to figure it out, but it feels elusive.


2 thoughts on “Sun Valley

  1. I am really loving your plein air paintings. I totally adore the 2nd one with those trees, the light and sense of atmosphere is superb. Plein air will always remain elusive and I think that it gives you the opportunity to use it for your benefit, keeps the mystery in the outcome and hopefully in your paintings.


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