Big Landscape

IMG_9774I have been toying around with my big Boise Foothills landscape.  I’ve decided to work on it a little bit each day over a month or so and just see where it goes.  There is a red section at the bottom that I’m not in love with so in this photo I cropped it out and when the red is dry I’ll do something with it.  But today I filled the sky with clouds and worked on pushing the distant hill way back there.

I’m always worried about losing something that I loved.  So this will be an exercise in moving forward and letting go   along the way.  And feeling okay with change.  Usually the loss of one thing leads to some other wonderful thing.


10 thoughts on “Big Landscape

  1. I took a colour course a few years ago. The instructor had us experiment with different colours to see how far away we could ‘push’ a background part of the landscape. Your mountain is way back there!


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