A fun start

img_968548X36 oil on canvas

I sketched this in today and I’m going to let it dry before working on it again.  I have been itching  to move away from realism, but at the same time want to paint certain subject matter, like landscape and figures, without getting caught up in trying to represent exactly what I see.  But still representing the image.   I am going through my own personal modernist movement.  For now it’s more about color and shape for me.  There’s nothing too deep about my paintings, my work is just about me trying to recreate the beauty that surrounds me, in my own way.  And I paint to satisfy my never ending drive to make things.


10 thoughts on “A fun start

  1. I absolutely resonate with the “never ending drive to make things”! Some people have that internal, inescapable need, and others don’t. I’ve also always been firmly planted in the first category, a life long “thing maker”.

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