Just a Head

img_94284X5″ oil on canvas

I did this quick sketch of an elk head today.  I enjoy painting wildlife but am starting to get bored with rendering out all the details of the critter and the space it’s in.  Hence just the head and antlers, after all, they are the most interesting part of the elk, to me at least.


5 thoughts on “Just a Head

  1. That’s such a coincidence! I had this same thought about antlers today too, for the same reason. I’m doing an online course in imagemaking (part of a graphic design program) and I chose the Moose as my subject for a series. The antlers are easily the most interesting part, despite the fact that they loose them annually.


    1. How about that! A moose head you say? Do you have it posted on a blog? I think I want to paint a skull with antlers but don’t really want to copy Georgia O’Keefe, so I’m trying to figure out how to do it my way.


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