img_930811X14 oil on canvas

Today I went to the florist and bought myself a bouquet to use as a still life.  It smells so good.

What do you think?  Should i keep going down this floral road or stop?  Honest feedback is hard to hear but always helpful.  I was trying to get out of my husband what he thought and he couldn’t give me a good answer for that question.

Our conversation went like this.

Me:  What do you think of this painting?

Him:  It’s nice.

Me:  (not sure what I said)  I probably just kept looking at him.

Him: It’s a pretty subject so it’s pretty.

Me:  But is it pretty as a painting?

Then we decided it was the prettiest pretty painting ever.  And we were both joking.

He’s a chemist, art doesn’t come easy to him.  But I’m not sure it come so easy to anyone.




20 thoughts on “Ranunculus

  1. I like what you are doing with the flowers. This has a nice composition and beautiful use of light. I’d say keep going until you feel you are ready to move on.


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