Boise Foothills Runners


18X24″ oil on canvas

I finished the 2nd runner painting today.  You might notice that I took the upper foothills out altogether and put  in sky and a new hill back there.  I fought with those hills a lot and had them all different colors and shapes and finally scraped it all off.  I wanted this painting to have a different look and feel than the last and I think this change accomplished that.  I also had the chance to try out my new signature.  I have complained a lot about the letters in my name and how I don’t think they look good as a signature.  The L’s and the final D in Millward bother me, too many vertical lines.  So there it is.  I’m hoping I can evolve it into something looser.  It’s a little silly to even talk about it, I know…

I got the other runner painting back from the framer yesterday and delivered it to it’s new home.  I had it framed in a natural maple reveal/floating frame.  It looked perfect.


8 thoughts on “Boise Foothills Runners

  1. I like that you softened the hills in the background, Jill! Another AWESOME painting! BRAVO to you!! And your new signature looks great to me. 😊💕🎨


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