Untitled #1

IMG_987616×20 oil on canvas

I started this piece tonight at class.  I started with a sketch I had done that represents musical patterns, then I brought in color to represent the colors of the song.  When the painting was looking too clean and perfect, I scraped it all off.  I’m going to let it dry now and then come back in and add to it.  Or subtract from it.  I’m hoping to repeat that process many times to build up depth and layers of line and color.




3 thoughts on “Untitled #1

  1. I love that. I have been working those ideas with my artists for a number of years as we study Wassily Kandinsky and how his intentions were to have the visual arts move people emotionally through color and shape as music does through notes and melodies. O would love to share these with my Kiddos.

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    1. Thanks Frank! Share these with your students, by all means! I’m at the beginning stage of exploring painting with this mindset. This one is going to evolve in all directions. These paintings I’ve been doing all represent Ravel’s masterpiece of Sad Birds. He was a french impressionist composer, but rejected the label of impressionist. It’s a fantastic piece of music. I also want to paint the 3rd movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight sonata. So dramatic.

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