Making Music

8×10″ oil on canvas

I’ve titled this one Making Music because my husband thought it was a group of musicians.  That’s not what set out to do, I simply want to represent musical phrases, shapes, and colors.  But I can see what he’s talking about.  I see a guitar, or bass, maybe a saxophone, people standing up on their legs.  Fun.  I’m a realist at heart.

I like this one, it’s small and went a lot of different directions before looking like this.  I looked at a Kandinsky painting this morning and I’m sure it influenced the red lines and pastels and bold colors together.🌈

As usual, I like I think in black and white as much if not more.


2 thoughts on “Making Music

  1. I really enjoy the colors and balance here. Great use of pinks and blues. I played the song from yesterday’s post and shared the work with my first class today. I loved the connection between them and your work. Thansk Jill.


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