IMG_8993.JPGThis one is pretty much ridiculous, but it will launch me to rock star status with my naturalist boys.

I was going to paint another apple because they are fun and simple and round.  But it was pointed out to me that an Apple is not a Critterscape.

I made progress on my 48×36″ dancer painting.  I think it’s a nice one.  I’m excited to share it when it is done.  My daughters dance career will be we’ll documented.  I’m forcing myself to slow down and build up layers.

The silly alligator is smiling at me.


4 thoughts on “Alligator

  1. This is awesome! I love all your paintings! For some reason, the paintings of people look so in depth. Thank you for sharing, great job!
    Always encourage the naturalist in your kids! 😉

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      1. That awesome! Please stay tuned to my blog. I write about all the work we do at our Chicago Nature Center.
        If they love nature, then they’ll enjoy reading about all the naturalist’s information I’ll be posting. 🙂

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