On Etsy-Western Tanager

IMG_8395.jpgToday I listed my Western Tanager on Etsy.  I’m still learning how Etsy works and how to get my work more visible and seen there.  Any advice?  I noticed that there is a way to link your work to Pinterest, but I don’t know anything about Pinterest either.  Please take a look at my Tanager on Etsy and if you have any advertising advice I’d love to hear it.

I sold my 2 Quail paintings locally and removed them from Etsy.


One thought on “On Etsy-Western Tanager

  1. Etsy has a networking tool. Caution: unsolicited advice. ❣️Keywords in your listing and getting people to notice your work are essential. You may want to curate collections of items you like. Variety is key. Or seek out artists and the people who enjoy their artwork and follow them. If someone favourites your work, somebody else will see it and do the same. That could lead to your work to getting seen widely. You could also talk about the fact that your work gets sold locally. It’s important to let people know that others are collecting your work – they are more likely to buy. End of unsolicited advice which could take you a year or so to figure out on your own. Good luck out there.


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