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image A friend who is organizing a charity auction asked me to paint a birdhouse for the auction.  When she first asked me a few months ago I was hesitant because I’ve never done anything like it.  Finally I said I would try and would paint birds on it.  That is what got me painting birds on little canvases, I was practicing for this.  But then I quickly realized that people were really interested in the little 4 and 5 inch bird painting so I did more and branched out into other wildlife.  They were a huge success at my holiday show/sale.  The size and price point appealed to people.  I’ll have to thank my friend for helping me discover this niche.


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  1. Love the birdhouse idea. I really like the style of the birdhouse above with the little door to the side. My husband and I have many birdhouses around the house and feed our local birdies regularly and I’d like to find a house like this.

    As another idea: I’ve recently been the recipient of a small pile of cigar boxes and I’m currently applying gesso, plan to reinforce the hinge and add a latch, but the boxes will be painted, I’m also leaning towards small wildlife scenes. I think (hope) they will be popular at a local fine crafts center.

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