A Drawing a Day

imageI’ve decided to do a drawing a day for my personal artistic growth.  I’ll post my drawings on Instagram so come over and follow me there if you’d like.  I’ll occasionally post them here too I’m sure.  I love to draw going back to when I was little.

This couple will go in the painting with Atti.  I plan to move away from relying on photos towards using my drawings and studies.  I think this will create a freer painting that is filtered more through my eyes and world view and experiences.  I have no interest in reproducing a perfect photo.  I’m trying not to measure so much and worry so much about perfect likenesses.  It’s a challenge for me to do that because I always feel like I need to show that I can get everything right on.  But I can tell you that the guy is 5 heads tall and the woman is 4.5 ish heads tall.  And Atti is 5 heads tall and one head wide.



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