Little Sisters Birthday Party


16X24 oil on canvas

This cool and handsome dude is my nephew Josh.  He is at the same time the most amazing and goofiest kid I know.  These Millwards over here think you are the best Josh.  A while back I told him that I wanted to paint his portrait and all in one motion he spun around, flung his glasses across the lawn, and struck a pose.  I didn’t use that image even though it was very handsome.  I took this picture at his little sisters birthday party in November.  He was wearing his party hat on the front of his head like a horn and it made me laugh.  To me he looks like his dad here, with his mothers beautiful ice blue eyes.


Also, does anyone know what happened to my international followers?  Ever since I started tagging and categorizing my posts, only people in the United States are seeing my site.  Hello Brazil, I miss you.  !Y que viva espana!






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