I’ve decided to zero in on portraits.  I started going in every direction with painting but my real interest for now is painting portraits and figures.  Maybe next year I will tackle the still life.

I painted a portrait of this beautiful 13 year old girl.  I wanted to paint her portrait because I like her and because of her long long straight hair and beautiful rosy complexion.  She has a fun happy personality that lights up a room.  I gave the portrait to her mother for Christmas and it was well received, thank goodness.  It’s scary giving someone a portrait of their child because its fairly easy to paint features but difficult to capture personality.  I love how her brown eyes sparkle in this portrait.

I changed the chroma in the photograph of this painting, just for fun.  It punched up the red and purple in her hair.  It reminds me of the paintings I did last summer of my sisters kids.  I like the painting both ways.

Su padre es mejicano por eso el nombe “Sonrisa.” Ella es bien linda y siempre tiede una sornrisa en su cara.


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