New Portrait


I’m starting a new portrait today.  This one is of a 20 year old guy, so I’m moving into new territory.  I have painted a few portraits of boys, the oldest being a 15 year old.  But 20 year olds look like men not boys.  Boys still have that pretty look that girls have and I’m much more familiar with painting girls.  I’m have been surrounded by girls all my life.  Men are handsome.  This guy that I’m going to paint is handsome and I’m hoping I can make him look handsome and manly and not too pretty.  He has terrific ice blue/green eyes.  He has whiskers.  I went out and took his photograph last week and he was a good sport.  I took a close up of his eyes and asked him what color his eyes here and he said he didn’t know because he is colorblind.  So I can do anything I want with him!  Not really, this painting is for his mother.  To go along with the “senior portrait” of his lovely sister.  So far I have him photographed and the drawing set up.

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