My Guy Portrait #1


Here’s the progress I made on my guy yesterday.  He’s not my guy, he’s my friends son, I could be his mother.

I think I mentioned in my last post about him when he was just a line drawing that I was nervous for this portrait.  I’m not nervous about painting girls and boys, but guys/men are new territory.  I was afraid he would look girly.  But after this first hit I don’t think he looks feminine, so I’m feeling less nervous.  I think I held my breath for several hours yesterday while working on him.  One of these day I will just pass out while painting.  Whatever you have heard, painting is not relaxing, not at all, not for me.  I painted his face and got to the whiskers on his chin/jaw and stopped,  but they sorta look like they are there with the blue underpainting showing.  Today I will paint his sweatshirt and the background.  Then in a few days I will go in for more color and another layer to his skin and focus in on each feature one at a time.  He has lovely ice blue/green eyes that are just about there.  The pencil lines you see help me tremendously, but I have painted portraits without them.




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