Study #1

I’m starting a big project that will most likely take me half the year to complete.  I like having something big that I can whittle  away at.  This is the first of a series of studies I plan to do in prep for the big one.  I decided to put up a few pics that show my process from drawing to finished.  It’s always a little different, but I’ve found that if I take the time to measure, map out, and get a good drawing at the front end, everything else eventually falls into place.  This one I decided to paint on a sky/cloud painting I did months ago.

11X14 oil on canvas

Steps 1&2, drawing and skin (I think it looks like he should be manning the Pearly Gates)


Step 3, clothesFullSizeRender-6

Step 4, adjust all the colors.  FullSizeRender-5

All done with this one.  Maybe I’ll sign it.

More to come like it, and then the biggie.

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